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Debi has been doing consumer research, brand strategy & business consulting for over 10 years. She has worked on a wide range of companies and industries - from jeans to journalism, sneakers to soda, deodorant to eco-activism. She is especially passionate about using her skills towards social impact, international development and environmental sustainability.

Her work has taken her across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. She has met many characters along the way including CEOs, sex workers, factory operators, relationship therapists, pro athletes, rural farmers and eccentric artists. She lived in China for 6 years and can speak Mandarin.

Debi is a proud Canadian with a Ukrainian-Chinese-Portuguese background and a French surname. She has lived in Beijing, Shanghai, Portland and New York and is now based out of Seattle. She loves the outdoors and once rode her bike 550 miles from New York to Maine. 

You can find her at